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Christmas Newsletter 2021

The Beatrice Project: restoring dignity and opportunity     


We are both delighted and grateful to God that, at the end of this year:

  • Ntombi Nto in Zimbabwe, funded by the Beatrice Project in UK, has kept going despite all the restrictions and price hikes caused by the Pandemic.
  • The original sites are now working towards all girls using washable kits or menstrual cups.
  • Ntombi Nto has started a new site and they are well on their way to becoming self-supporting with girls using only sustainable sanitary protection.

Some regular training has continued, but there is a need for more peer educator training to ensure high quality monthly health education. We also need to see:

  • Peer education sessions for the boys, as well as mixed sessions, at all the schools.
  • Tailoring classes and textile teachers at each site.


Thank you to everyone who supported the Zoom quiz in November. Seventy people in twelve teams from across the globe (and with varying levels of technical ability!) were assisted by the ever calm and competent Dan Thomas of ETCH, to whom we extend our thanks. The quiz raised over £1400.


We are very grateful for all the donations we receive, however small: a gift of just £5 pays for a bar of washing soap and two pairs of panties for a new washable pad user. At the other end of the scale, a gift of £1200 would allow us to set up a sewing room with two machines and all necessary start up materials.

However, it would help us enormously in our planning and funding of proposals if we were able to count on a greater number of regular monthly donations. Here are some examples of the monthly costs we could then be sure we could cover:

  • £5 pays for a leader at one of the remote sites to have phone data to keep in touch with the girls and with Joy, and to arrange the monthly support visits
  • £15 pays for 10 girls to have a nourishing meal at the monthly workshop before the long walk home
  • £40 pays for a tailor to visit a site and support leaders and girls making high quality reusable pad kits
  • £500 covers the total monthly cost of running the vehicle donated by Bright Future Trust, which is vital for the work to continue

If this Christmas you were able to give a one-off donation or to set up a regular gift, we would be so thankful and you would be contributing to making a real difference in the lives of our young women in Zimbabwe.

Please accept our very best wishes for Christmas and the new year, and thank you again for your interest and support.

If you would like to give, please visit  or, if you prefer, you may give or post a cheque (to the Beatrice Project) to me, Sue Hutchinson, or one of the other trustees, Karen Trewinnard, Tony Arthur or Roger Snowdon

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