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How we have been reacting to the pandemic

Who could have predicted a few months ago that something like COVID-19 was going to strike and affect the entire world? Things seemed to begin quite slowly in Zimbabwe, and there were very few cases being reported, but accurate information is not always easy to come by. With a lack of water, a serious shortage of testing kits and the hospitals and clinics woefully ill-equipped to deal with large numbers of patients, things began to look grim.  The country was already in economic and political turmoil, with failing crops and soaring prices; with the pandemic, the people were beginning to experience increased challenges and, for many, crippling hunger.

Some of the girls with the emergency supplies

Our partners, Ntombi Nto, have managed to keep some aspects of the project going and are maintaining regular contact with the girls through the adult leaders. Although NN were unable to access the funding we had sent earlier in the year, we have managed to respond to urgent requests for help in situations which have arisen as a direct result of the pandemic. Whilst maintaining the provision of disposable sanitary pads, purchasing a second sewing machine and start-up materials and financing the trips to the schools, we have also bought 300 more menstrual cups and, to help the schools to re-open, we have provided 30 large buckets with taps, 60 bars of soap and 8 fever scanners!

Here in England, Karen has become a full-time seamstress making face coverings, which have become accepted day wear for most of us, and has so far raised well over £2,000 for the work of the project!

We are all truly grateful for the donations we have received which have made all this possible.

Headmaster receives the new sewing machine
Local project leader signing for this month’s pad consignment