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What a difference…

What a difference your donations have made to the Beatrice Project in 2020

2020 has been a challenge all over the world. With your generous help, however, the girls we support in Zimbabwe, rather than experiencing defeat, have been encouraged and empowered.

We have received some delightful letters of thanks and we’d like to share some extracts from them. All names have been changed.

  • Ever since the Ntombi Nto/ Beatrice project visited us, there is a great change. Walking to school uncomfortably during menstrual days is no longer with us. Looking at the economic situation in our country, our parents cannot afford to buy pads for us. Luckily the Ntombi Nto/Beatrice project can give everyone at school…so we feel comfortable, free and valuable.  [ Thembi – age 15]
  • As girls we feel the same discomfort every month… Beatrice made us feel comfortable during our periods when working at home. Some of the girls feel like being on period stops them from everything (but NN/BP) made us not to worry about staining our dresses all the time [Eunice– age 13]
  • We as girls we just want to say thank you for your help because without you, we are useless. Many of our parents can’t afford to buy food…SO what about pads? Thank you for giving us pads without paying for them and the menstrual cups that will last us 10years [ Patience – age 17]
  • I will never forget the buckets and soaps to help our school to open again for our lessons [Violet – age 17]
  • Not only this but the Ntombi Nto/Beatrice project provide nutritious food every distribution [ Confidence – age 14]
  • We are getting a lot of knowledge through the Aunt Stella kit we are discussing as groups. It really helps us a lot… We now know how to choose good friends and make good decisions for ourselves always. Through reading and discussing in workshop we now understand everything and want to follow it as well. [Zinzi – age 16]
  • We as girls realised that there is an improvement and a change from the visit of the project. “WHY?” because there is Aunt Stella kit, after every distribution we have our meeting as girls. There are many points that are raised, children from child headed families get an opportunity to ask questions and they get answers. We all benefit from this and we give thanks. [Thembi – age 15]

Thank you so much for supporting us. Together we are helping girls to feel ‘precious, special and cherished’. Having for so long felt ’abandoned’ and ‘stranded’, they are beginning to realise they have ‘vital roles to play in society’, and this is surely a reward worth all the hard work!

The last word goes to Sibo age 18: I hope you will continue with the donation of sanitary pads, giving us lessons and other donations. As girls we really appreciate. My wish is never abandoning us, no matter how bad the situation is, but may you please continue doing your best.