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How you can help us

There is a cost to enabling a new school site to become independent in their support of young women in Zimbabwe and you can help by donating to the Beatrice Project charity.
High quality training throughout is essential in helping the children of Zimbabwe. We have been thrilled that the schoolboys as well as the girls want that training and that the men of the communities are keen they should get it! But for a school with 50 girls as beneficiaries of the Beatrice Project charity, as well as the same number of boys, some of the costs will be:

  • £1500 to set up a sewing room (two machines and materials) with the school providing a textile teacher and a secure room.
  • £450 for the running of an introductory day for community leaders, parents, teachers and peer educators to ensure clear understanding of the scope of the project.
  • £100 for food for a day workshop for Auntie Stella discussion groups
  • £10 for each girl for a menstrual cup and training in how to use and re-use it, together with a mug for washing it

Please consider helping us by making a donation at www.beatriceproject.org/donate

We would be so grateful for your donation to continue this life changing work helping the Beatrice Project support children in Zimbabwe.