Dignity Bags

Make a dignity bag ...

Thank you so much for offering to make a dignity bag (or two!) for the girls of the Beatrice Project in Zimbabwe. They will be very happy to receive them and will use them to carry their sanitary supplies to school. Do take a look at the website: www.beatriceproject.org

  • Please use washable cotton or poly cotton in bright colours.
  • Bags should be about 10”x 8”, no smaller than 8×8”
  • If possible, finish the edges of the material inside to prevent fraying or use French seams
  • Finish with a simple ribbon or cord drawstring

For any enquiries please contact

Sue Hutchinson

suebeatricep23@gmail.com or mobile 07741466762

Delivery or collection can be arranged.

To give a donation via Stewardship or PayPal, please visit the website ’Donate’ page