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Our Team

Sue Hutchinson

Although the Beatrice Project officially began its life in 2015, when Joy suggested that the work be named after my Mum, my relationship with Joy had begun in the late 80s when she was a child. As a secondary school teacher, I had gone to Zimbabwe to be in charge of the small school at the children’s home where she lived. The experience I gained there gave me a life-long passion for Zimbabwe, particularly her children, and I am thrilled that we are, as a charity, able to be partners with and support the work of Ntombi Nto.

Tony Arthur

Having grown up in a health care environment in a rural setting in Africa, I have a strong empathy with the struggles of health and education in a developing economy. Now with the experience of running a couple of businesses and being involved in charitable enterprises in the UK, I am pleased to be part of the Beatrice Project, a charity I have known through its founder since its inception.

Roger Snowdon

I am a solicitor in private practice who has been advising charity clients for many years. I also have long term experience of serving as a charity trustee. I fully support the aims of this charity which provides practical care to enable girls to continue their education.

Richard Mills

Richard is our Treasurer. He is a chartered accountant with many years experience in industry and charity finance.

The Beatrice Project supports the work of Ntombi Nto Girl Child Network, a Registered Trust in Zimbabwe.

The Charity was set up in 2017 with three trustees: Sue Hutchinson, Karen Trewinnard and Adrian Thomas. The current trustees are: Sue Hutchinson, Roger Snowdon and Tony Arthur. Together, the trustees help facilitate the work of the Ntombi Nto Girl Child Network trust registered in Zimbabwe, in collaboration with Joy Khumalo and her team which now includes Mr Kudzai Janga and Mrs Locardia Muleya.