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Joy’s Visit to the UK

What an amazing three weeks we had with Joy when she came to visit from Zimbabwe. As well as seeing the sights of London and Windsor, Southampton and Cornwall, Joy and Sue gave ten presentations and spoke to around 400 people in the south of England. The profile of the Beatrice Project continues to grow and we are very encouraged to see the number of supporters increasing.

It was a delight to host Joy and everyone who met her was impacted by her story and her accounts of the work she does, heading up Ntombi Nto in Zimbabwe. We sent her home with Dignity Bags for the girls, and panties, mainly provided by a wonderful charity called Smalls for All. Many of these have already been distributed by Joy and her team and met with celebration and great appreciation. What a simple way to enrich the lives of girls less fortunate than ourselves and to see a measure of dignity and opportunity restored to them, as they are enabled to keep going to school during their periods. If we would like to give to the Beatrice Project, please follow the Donate prompts.