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Our mission

The Beatrice Project

Restoring dignity and opportunity to young women in Zimbabwe


Our objectives and activities

To provide sanitary protection and training to enable young girls to complete their schooling

The challenge

In a society where the education of girls is often considered far less important than that of their male counterparts, finishing or even attending school regularly is a major challenge. With the onset of puberty, that challenge, for many girls, becomes insurmountable.


In 2020 the Beatrice Project has continued to support the monthly training and sanitary protection for 300 girls. Workshops for boys have been started and it is hoped to roll out training to other schools in the future using local leaders.

Addressing the challenge

The Beatrice Project supports the provision of monthly sanitary supplies and this practical provision is enriched by monthly workshops, held at key schools, on sexual and reproductive health, as well as child protection and psychosexual issues.

The girls typically walk 5-10 kilometres to their schools where the gatherings and workshops now take place, and where they are also given some food and drink. These regular teaching sessions facilitated by dedicated local leaders help to support the girls in an otherwise impoverished and materially underprivileged existence.